Master of Ceremonies


MC/DJ Frank

Frank, the owner & leader of Ultimate Sound DJs, launched his vision of entertainment back in 1985. Being in the business this long, he has seen different styles and trends come and go. However, he truly believes, 3 things will always be the same. Every event should be fun, there should be a balance, and value your guests.


MC Raul - Bilingual

Throughout the week, Raul assists with the planning and coordinating of every event that contracts Ultimate Sound DJs.  Raul's passion for each event, shows with every client he works with. He makes sure to understand the expectations the client may have, and enjoys the challenge of trying to exceed them. His approach to every event is determined at the moment, depending on the energy of the crowd. His reviews online speak for itself. 


MC Raphael

MC Raphael is a seasoned pro. He truly has an elegant and sophisticated approach for every event. He takes great joy in meeting all of your family and friends, and taking on the challenge giving them an experience they never had before and just making them happy. 


MC Tunde - Trilingual

Tunde is truly special. He is actually a tri-lingual MC. He fluently speaks English, Spanish & Mandarin. You can expect Tunde to be involved and assist in every aspect of your special day. He genuinely gets a fulfillment in bringing joy and excitement to you and your guests. 


MC Mariela - Bilingual

Mariela started her career as a television host and should would end her weekends hosting special events with USDJs. There is no other MC than can rock like mic like her. She enjoys public speaking and isn't shy of controlling a crowd. At the event, you can expect her to interact with all your guests and provide them a memorable experience.


MC Ricky

If your looking for charisma, then look no further. Ricky is one of those individuals that is just born to be your host. From the way he engages your guests and entertains them, he will ensure they have an unforgettable time. 

Disc Jockeys


DJ Omar

Omar has been a DJ since early 2000. What makes Omar standout is his variety and versatility in music. With a musical library consisting of over  500,000 song titles, his play lists date back to the contemporary hits of today.  Omar thrives in, keeping the party flowing smoothly and making sure all of your guests are having a great time. 


DJ Jimmy

DJ Jimmy, also known as DJ Jimmy Goods, has been an avid music fan since childhood. His passion for music and people, are the characteristics that have allowed him to make a name for himself in this industry. Till this day, he enjoys challenging himself with new techniques and learning new music from all over the world. 


DJ Enzo

Enzo's passion for music started as a child. He would see his father practice and perform with his band at many different events, especially weddings. He started DJing as a teenager, at his father's events.  The energy of the crowd was the drug that made him get hooked. His years of experience show on the turntables, at every event.


DJ Rafael

It all began as a teenager for Rafael, listening to the music played by DJs at local clubs. Seeing the energy of the crowd was the motivation that inspired Rafael to become a DJ. The years of experience he brings to USDJ’s is what makes him a strong asset to our team. His vast knowledge of music and understanding of different cultures helps DJ Rafael bring excitement and diversity to your event.


DJ/MC Joseph

Joseph started his time with USDJs, as a tech. After years of learning from our top DJs & MCs, he got to develop a passion for music. Music is Joseph's way to travel the world without paying for a flight. At every event, whether he is MCing or DJing; he enjoys using music as a bridge to connect different cultures and age groups on the dance floor. 



Big Joe - Head Tech

Joe has been with the company since the very beginning. He truly knows the ins and outs of every piece of equipment. If you love the layout, design of your day; he was the one the initiated the outline. Joe makes sure that every piece of equipment is checked and double checked, before it goes out to any event.