String Musicians


Have a soloist perform with our sound system. By having them plugged in, they would perform with a backtrack. Giving you more options with styles and music. 


If you love the look and feel of having multiple musicians perform, know that we have you covered. You have the options between Violinists, Violaist, and Cellists.

Ceremony/Cocktail Hour

You can have our musicians play for your ceremony, cocktail hour or both. Keep it traditional for the ceremony and contemporary for the cocktail hour. The choice is yours. 



Having a beach ceremony? Here's a

 way to bring the Caribbean to the NY.

Cocktail Hour

If your having an outdoor cocktail, 

imagine listening to classic island sounds 

as you enjoy your piña colada.

Music Styles

Whether he plays with backtracks or acoustically, you can expect a fun, relaxing vibe for your event 


Elite Talent

Having a saxophonist will only elevate and excite the your guests throughout the night.


You can have him for an hour, 2 hours or 4. You get to decide when and where he plays. 

Lively and Stylish

Our saxophonist will go from dancing with your guests on the dance floor, to serenading them during dinner. 


Enhance your DJ

Here is another way to elevate your event with Live Music! 

Professional Quality

Our percussionist our true masters in their craft. Rocking out to every genre you can think of, all night long. 

Elegant & Fun

Enjoy the feel of Live Music, while still having the original artist perform the song.