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Lighting Services


Ambient Lighting

These are wireless LED uplights, and they are rented by the case. You would receive 20. You get to go through the colors of the rainbow, and choose the color that fits the decor you envision for that night. 


Concert Lighting

These lights come with a Technician, so they can be programmed to the dimensions of your room. They also create different patterns for your dance sets, create an elegant sequence towards the ceiling during down times and a spot light for those special moments.


Name in Lights

Illuminate your names in your venue, as your guests arrive, on the ceiling, wall or center of the dance floor. You have multiple designs to choose from.


Cascading Light Bulbs

If you prefer something more low key, and you're going for more of a rustic feel; then the soft glow of the light bulbs may work best. This display can be ran behind the dais, along the walls or behind the DJ booth.