Photo Booth

Mirror Photo Booth

Step right up and pose like no body is watching. Our new Mirror Photo Booth is so much fun and interactive. 

Its a completely different experience when you and your guests get to see themselves complete, instead of just their faces.

Closed Photo Booth

Prefer a little privacy? The closed Photo Booth would be a perfect solution. It can hold up to 6 people in one session. 

Open Photo Booth

Choose one of our colored backdrops, and make the Photo booth as energetic as possible. This layout will allow you to Hold up to 10 people. 

Step & Repeat

Work the Red Carpet

Instead of funny pictures of your guests during the party, how about pictures before the event? Imagine your guests arriving and being greeted by 

one of our photographers. He'll pose them elegantly, and print out these photos for your guests as a keepsake of your night. 

Dance in the Clouds

1st Dance

Imagine being in your fiance's arms during your first dance

 and just getting lost in that moment. 

Your Memories

Look back at your wedding photos, and never regret a moment

 that can never be recreated again.

Man in Lights

Taking it to the Next Level

End your reception in a High! Have our LED Robot

 came out in your event and just party it up with your guests.

Hora Loca

Our Robot will come out with 2 - CO2 Guns, 

and LED Foam sticks for your guests.