Lounge Furniture

Cocktail Tables and Chairs

This is the perfect setup, to keep your guests feeling the music and

 still encouraging them to hit the dance floor. 

Lounge Seating and Cubes

Create a lounge area for your guests to sit back and relax at your event. 


Different Sizes

All our stages are 4'x4'. We can put them together 

and create any size necesarry

It's all about Presentation

Whether you'd like to elevate your dais, create a dance stage for your guests, or you'd like your performers to standout. We go you covered

Cinderella Table

Elegant & Classy

This is a beautiful, acrylic glass table with led candles located in its base. In the table and on the base you'll have acrylic, diamond shaped, crystals. 


You can rent the table with or without chairs. You can also get a choice between different color crystals inside the table.